MMC Contractors is proud to offer a Pipefitter Apprenticeship in partnership with Local 533. Please review the details of the apprentice program below before applying. 


What is apprenticeship?
Apprenticeship is a structured system of training designed to prepare individuals for occupations in skilled trades and crafts. It combines on-the-job training under the supervision of experienced journeymen workers with related classroom instruction. Apprentices who successfully complete the prescribed number of hours of training in a registered apprenticeship program are awarded certificates of completion. 

What does apprenticeship offer?
Workers who complete apprenticeship programs can expect good jobs and good pay. Their skills are a source of personal satisfaction as well as employment security. Statistics show that graduates earn higher wages, have more stable work records, and are promoted sooner and more often than workers who have not been trained through apprenticeship programs. 

Who can be an apprentice?
Apprentices are selected on the basis of qualification, without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. 

How much are apprentices paid?
Beginning wages must be at least the legal minimum. Apprentices start by earning fifty percent (50%) of the journeyman worker's wage and receive periodic increases if their progress is satisfactory. 

Who sponsors apprenticeship?
Employers and unions form joint apprenticeship committees which determine industry needs for particular skills, the kind of training required, and the standards for acceptance into the programs. 

Why should I become an apprentice?
1. For the serious learner, it is the best way to learn a trade or craft.
2. You can earn a regular wage while you learn.
3. You are supervised on the job by journeymen.
4. You are taught in class by an expert who is usually a journeyman.
5. You are taking the steps necessary to become a journeyman with the pay and prestige offered by the position.

How long is the apprenticeship program?
5 Years

Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.